About us

Baard and Ketty owners of Vagabond campers

Vagabond Campers started as a family business in 2012. Our first activity was renting out our own caravan when we weren’t using it ourselves. We have always enjoyed camping and outdoor life and still use the opportunities we have to go on shorter and longer trips. Our two girls, Zoe (11) and Sarah (7), love camping and start packing their belongings weeks up front 🙂

Vagabond Campers is still a small agency. When you contact us, it will probably be either Ketty or Baard who will handle your inquiry. To preserve our freedom, we prefer to keep it at this level, and rather get a helping hand in the high season.

Ketty has extensive experience within tourism and customer service and has worked for many years as a flight attendant and ground staff for various airlines in the Americas. Baard has extensive experience from international business. This gives us a solid basis for our commitment at Vagabond Campers.

Fun Fact Ketty came to Norway the first time to check out if Baard actually lived permanently in his caravan 🙂